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What you can expect:

You will have a dedicated consultant that will greet you and assure your comfort.

  • We utilize conscious sedation or you can elect to be asleep for the entire procedure to minimize any discomfort.
  • Only surgical and restorative specialists will be working with you to ensure the highest level of expertise in both the surgical and restorative procedure.

On the day of your surgical appointment, your surgical specialists will extract any teeth necessary and place dental implants to support your new complete set of teeth.  This will take 2-3 hours. We will be utilizing the advanced 3-D CT images that were taken during your first appointment to guide our surgical placement. This state of the art technology provides our surgeons with guidance that allows them to achieve precision during placement  of your dental implants. This precision is one of the reasons that reStor™ Dental Center can create an improved outcome for you.  Our entire facility is designed for this procedure.

Once we have completed this portion, you will be able to relax and rest. During this time, we will be working to create your new replacement teeth. You can feel confident knowing that you will leave the center with your new teeth on the day of the procedure.  The Prosthodontist is an expert in the “restorative portion” of your procedure and will work with you to make minor adjustments and then present your new smile.

Any discomfort after you return home, such as minor bruising or mild pain, can typically be treated with over the counter medication.