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TRIAD ("Tooth Replacement in a day")

Sometimes we use the term TRIAD or “Tooth Replacement In A Day” at reStor Dental Implants Auburn, WA which many others refer to as the All-On-4 procedure. However, many of our patients find these terms confusing. 

When we say things like “same day dentures” or “dental implants in a day”, we are referring to a procedure for patients that will be losing all their upper or lower teeth. Our goal is to replace those teeth in a single surgical procedure where we remove any diseased teeth, place usually 4 dental implants and attach your new set of teeth. The teeth attached the day of surgery are worn for approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the definitive set of teeth are fabricated.  Essentially, patients end up with “a pair and a spare” upon completion of treatment.

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Distinct Advantages

Collaborative approach using advanced technology. Traditional full mouth implant procedures can take up to 18 months to complete; dentures can be a permanent quick fix but are not always the best long-term solution. reStor™ offers patients distinct advantages.

  1. Highly trained dental specialists use advanced technology such as 3D CT Scans to identify the best treatment approach.
  2. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, the reStor™team will schedule your Natural Tooth Replacement in a Day procedure. This TRIAD by reStor™, is designed to replace a full “arch” in one day.
  3. The reStor™ collaborative, state-of-the-art facility utlizes the best materials to create high quality replacement teeth at an affordable price.
  4. After the procedure is completed, you will receive an interim prosthesis that will be utilized to ensure you are happy with the results until the final prosthesis can be delivered. Patient can then return to their own dentist or we can refer you to one of our preferred dentists for on-going maintenance. 
  5. reStor™has created customized nutritional support guidance for all patients to help support their renewed ability to eat naturally.  Eat, Laugh and Live a healthy lifstyle again!


Regain your health and transform your lifestyle. When a person has tooth loss, their natural dentition is changed. Physical problems such as chewing discomfort, inability to bite, and jaw tension are just a few issues. Self-confidence is also lost and the desire to smile is gone, causing strain on one’s emotional well-being. Most often, people cannot afford to replace missing teeth, diminishing their overall quality of life. reStor™provides a solution to bring back smiles and rejuvenate a patient’s life through dental implants. With innovative technology, efficient procedures, a collaborative office space, and pricing that makes sense, patients are able to regain their health and transform their lifestyle.

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Our highly experienced specialists are well-versed in the dental implant process.  After completing four years of dental school, our team members complete masters’ programs in Periodontics, Oral Surgery, or Prosthodontics (a minimum of three years).  As experts in their field, they have the full comprehension and training needed to provide our patients with a superior level of quality care.


reStor™ Dental Center uses high-end, proven technology to provide patients with the most comprehensive treatment plans. This includes a 3-D CT Scan which is the latest and most precise method to identify your bone quality and specific needs. We match this digital data with our computer software in order to perform a virtual surgery. Surgical guides are created to allow for the most precise placement of implants and minimize risk to the patient. This level of technology and care is utilized with all  patients treated in our centers. All of the equipment at reStor™ Dental Center is designed for completing dental implant procedures. Most dental offices that advertise dental implants do not specialize in this procedure. We have created a center that is focused on your needs and the technology to provide you with the best results.