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Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing lasts forever and that includes traditional and implant supported dentures, partials and bridges. Many patients that have had All-On-4™ prosthetics fabricated fail to adhere to suggested professional maintenance schedules. This can lead to problems from a hygiene standpoint or catastrophic failure of their prosthesis.

Depending on your ability to adequately clean your All-On-4™prosthesis, you may need to be seen 1, 2 or 3 times per year by your dentist. Often, a general dentist may not be comfortable removing the All-On-4™ prosthesis for maintenance. reStor Dental Implant Center can help. 

Please contact our office at: 253-929-8720 to schedule time with our doctors. We can remove your prosthesis, evaluate the health of your implants and other parts and pieces that make up the All-On-4™. If you have natural teeth remaining, we can arrange an appointment with a hygienist to care for those teeth. We are happy to coordinate alternating maintenance visits with your general dentist.

At reStor Dental Implant Center, we place and restore dental implants. New patients are welcome and second opinions provided.